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Frost River makes everything the old way up in Minnesota.  Big industrial sewing machines, hand cut fabrics, manual punches for buckles, simple, good materials like brass and leather and canvas and wax.  Frost River bags are pretty bomb proof, but are easily repaired at your local cobbler if something eventually wears out.  I’ve had a Frost River saddle bag for about 10 years, and it’s a bit dirtier than when it was new, but I’d barely consider it even broken in.  It’s an archival bag, made to last, maybe even made to hand down to the next generation of cyclists.  A bit of care with the leather and it will last as long as your current bike.


The Roll Top bag is proof that Frost River isn’t some retro revivalist company.  It’s a bike packing bag: it doesn’t need a rear rack.  That makes it lighter than most traditional saddle bags.  It’s narrow profile makes single track snag free. It’ll please riders who dislike the ’saddle bag massage’  from riding with wide traverse mounted bags like the Gunflint saddle bag.   


It’s a roll top design, highly water resistant but not waterproof.  You can cram a down summer bag, food for two days and a wool shirt and socks in there, no problem.  It’s not as huge as some saddle bags, and we pair ours with an Ovega Negra frame bag for longer trips or winter over nights.  

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