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If you have ever wondering what it it would feel like to pedal around on grippy big flat planks of wood, this is about as close as you’ll get to making that a reality.  These are the biggest and grippiest pedals we’ve ridden.  You can ride these with Teva’s (0riginal flavor, James’s choice) or Birks or camo Crocs, or chucks, and they’ll feel great.  You don’t need stiff shoes, you need comfortable shoes.  Exceptionally thin (does that matter?  Probably not) and lightweight with huge oversized sealed inboard bearing.  I wish they had a better name, but when the only other people who like big grippy pedals are downhillers, this kind of wit is what you get.  We stock these in black or silver.  They look good even on the nicest custom steel bike.  They’re pricey, but cheaper than cheap Shimano clipless pedals and cheap clipless shoes, and they’re 105% more comfortable.

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