Bikes.  Coffee.  A good book with bent back pages and a tent that smells like a camp fire and rain.  Steam rising off of a pond tucked in a dripping forest.  Forest roads that wander, leading to hidden trout streams and lichen covered boulder fields shrouded in silence and dew.  This is the story of Gravel & Grind.

Bikes can take you great places where you can then do fantastic things.
Every ride can be an adventure, even if it’s right out your back door.

Gravel & Grind is a bike shop with an artisan coffee shop located in historic downtown Frederick, MD.  Our shop specializes in durable, beautiful bicycles for touring, camping, town riding, commuting, old school mountain biking and whatevering.  Gravel & Grind is one of only 8 Rivendell Bicycle Works dealers in the country, and the only one serving the Maryland/DC/Southern PA area.  We stock lots of Rivendell gear and tons of other smart, durable gear.  Our full service shop builds new bikes from scratch, and refurbishes classic steel bikes to make them more usable.  Maybe you already have a bike though, and want to go explore with it.  Come in, we got ya covered

Gravel & Grind is locally owned and operated by Tracy Hathaway and James Johnson, bike industry hobos with 20 years of combined experience getting folks on the right bike, with the right equipment.

Email us whenever, about whatever.