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Gravel & Grind is a full service shop for normal bikes. That means we’ll work on any bike that does not have hydraulic brakes, electronic shifting, or complex suspension. We are very good at what we do, but those bikes are not on our program and we lack the tooling to work on them.

Besides the menu, we’re known for a few unique services:

  • Strong, practical wheel builds
  • 650b conversions
  • Wide range gearing modifications
  • Converting your dead index shifting to never gunna die friction shifting.
  • Converting road bikes and mountain bikes to town bikes
  • Figuring out weird rack and fender mounting problems.
  • Diagnosing odd ball creaks, and helping make bikes more useful.
  • Re-riveting worn out individual rivets on Brooks saddles.

Every week we field calls about things we don’t do. Here’s a list of things we won’t touch, mainly because of time, cost to the customer, or because expectations will always outstrip the outcome.

  • Antique bikes beyond very basic adjustments or replacements. We are not a restoration shop, and things older than the 1970’s are antique, in our book.
  • Rust removal beyond what chain lube can do.
  • Rebuild an old rim
  • Source anything off of ebay for a repair
  • Straighten a bent frame
  • Program a computer
  • Bleed anything hydraulic
  • Rebuild a shock or suspension


Quick Tune
On-bike wheel truing, safety check, barrel adjustments on brakes and derailleurs, wipe down, lube chain.
Basic Tune
Quick tune, bearing adjustments where applicable: hubs, headset, bottom bracket, off-bike wheel truing.
Ala Carte Adjustments $15 per Item