Bikes | Whatevering

Whatevering is a term we made up a few years ago to describe the kind of riding and messing about that we do.

Whatevering is riding your bike for fun,

riding without a serious objective, never racing, exploring, camping, drinking coffee outside, strapping your bike to a pack raft and heading down stream, riding an inappropriate bike on a mountain bike trail, commuting with a ridiculous load, and riding all the dirt roads you can find.


In a nutshell, Whatevering bikes are Road bikes with tougher tubing and cyclocross tire clearance. It’s that simple.

Whatevering bikes can sort of be anything, as long as you are up for doing whatever on them. Our whatevering bikes have been honed and have reached a form that is good for almost everything, outside of heavy loaded touring and hard core mountain biking. Whatevering bikes are almost as beefy as a touring or mountain bike, but are a bit more striped down, a bit more play oriented. Some folks dress them up with aluminum fenders, generator hubs, fancy bags… some folks dress em down, like a 1972 Ford Pick Up. There isn’t a right or wrong.

Whatevering bikes start life as a wide tire clearance road frame, add wider than usual drop bars for leverage, use ultra low gearing for traction on loose terrain, and reserve the right to have racks and fenders mounted or not, depending on the rider and their goals.

Lots of frames are great for whatevering, but some are better than others. We particularly like the Rivendell Sam Hillborne, A. Homer Hilsen and Atlantis for Whatevering. On the more budget friendly side of things, it’s really hard to beat the All City Space Horse, which is our favorite bike frame set for under 1000 bucks.

Build kits are about low gears, strong wheels, wide tires (38mm on average) and good brakes, and they weigh whatever they are gunna weigh. Fully equipped with racks and fenders, they’re usually 26-28 lbs.

Whatevering bikes should be left dirty, and eventually become covered in dings and scratches. If they are clean, they are not being used properly. It’s like when you see those huge F-250 pickups with no hitch mount and no dirt and you think: that dude just is driving that truck because he likes macho trucks, not because he’s hauling manure or lumber or 35 jumbo pumpkins.

Whatevering bikes start around 1600 bucks, new. We’ve built more of these than any other style of bike. Builds start with a conversation, a quote and a deposit.