Preorder Your Crust Bike

Like the majestic Sasquatch, you’ve heard of Crust Bikes, but maybe you haven’t seen one in the wild…yet. Be assured they’re real (the bikes and Sasquatch), and you can preorder your custom-built Crust now. If you’re within striking distance, stop by the shop to demo one.

crust-logoThe renegade geniuses at Crust are exceeding the hype generated by these whips, and we’re ready to get you rockin’ on your very own. No matter your objective, these are literal go-anywhere bikes. Techy Singletrack? Fine. Dirt roads with Yugo-sized pot holes? Sure. Endless state forest fire roads? Gotcha. Leading a wildebeest herd across the savanna? Not a problem.

To start the custom-build process, head to the store, find your size, and preorder today.

Frames available for preorder: