Garage Sale, Real and Virtual

On November 4th and 5th, we’re hosting a gargantuan garage sale to clear out some products to make room for new stuff.  The sale will happen in the shop and right outside, on our patio, as usual.  But there’s an added twist this time.  We’re going to slowly make a list of everything available, and post it right here, so if you live in Idaho, or Paris, or whatever, you can take advantage.  We probably won’t post pics, cause it’s a big pain, it’ll just a be a list.  At worst, the part will have light shop wear, like a little scratch or something.  Nothing you wouldn’t get just from installing the part or drinking out of the cup once.

Garage Sale

The Sale is 9-7 Saturday the 4th of November, and 9-4 Sunday.  The sale will END on the 5th at 4pm, and whatever internet deals were to be over then too.

We’ll have more stuff on sale than what we list here, but we’ll try to post plenty of high lights here.  If you are interested in buying a specific item, it is first come first serve, and the prices are already low, so no haggling, it just is what it is.  This stuff is really expensive to buy, so please be understanding of that when you are eyeballing the prices.  Prices do NOT include shipping.  Email us or call.  James (at) Gravelandgrind (dot) Com or 301-682-2651.  If we are not open, don’t leave a message, we never check them.

All Compass tires:  10% off list.  We have pretty much every darn size.

McClure Pass tires:  30% off list

Chinook Pass Tires:  30% off list

Rivendell Multi Sack Tan:  was 155, now 110.

Velo Orange Campeur Frameset was 520, now 350.

Carradice Keswick bar bag, green.  Was 145, now 100.

Snow Peak Snow Miner headlamps:  were 50, now 35.

Tan and Brown Gilles Berthoud Saddles, were 210, now 175.

Brooks Ages B17 Standard.  Was 145, now 100

Oveja Negra Super Wedgie Small black was 90, now 70.

Oveja Negra Super Wedgie Large black, was 100 now 75.

Rivendell Cheviot framesets, various sizes and colors.  email us.  Were 1300, now 110o with a 500 dollar purchase of build parts, 1000 with a complete build.

Rivendell Sam Hillborne framesets.  Orange, 55 and 58cm.  Were 1300 ea, now 1100 with a 500 dollar purchase of build parts, 1000 with a complete build.

Complete 55cm Silver Joe Appaloosa.  Was 2400, now 2000.  Demo’d a few times, dusty but in 97% perfect shape.

Simworks Bicycle Crums Water Bottles, Black, Green or Tan.  Buy 3, get one free.

All Bern Helmets 25% off.

More soon…