Gravel & Grind: Movin’ On



We figured Gravel & Grind would last, tops, 5 months.  It seemed like an impossible dream: to start a bike shop that only sold steel bikes in a sea of carbon and aluminum, a coffee shop that only sold cups of coffee that had to be made one at a time.  Who would come to our shop?  How the heck were we gunna pay rent?

Gravel & Grind started selling reimagined used bikes, and ended up selling some of the most sought after, hard to get bikes in the country.  Our cafe was originally staffed by volunteers who worked their faces off to help us get started.  The bike shop area was 3 feet by 8 feet when we opened the doors.  Mechanics had to turn sideways to pass each other to get to the storage closet, which itself was so narrow that you have to enter it sideways.  Starting and running the shop was hectic, fun and exhausting.

We’re proud of how few compromises we made, astonished at how much we grew.  We’re thankful for every single one of you who helped us get there.  Every cup of coffee meant something to us, every wheel we built, every chance you took on us.

Gravel & Grind will be closing its retail space at the end of January.  We’ll continue to have a web site after that, and you’ll be able to redeem gift cards on the website.  If you are in the market for a rad custom bike, the bike portion of Gravel & Grind has been reborn as Analog Cycles.  From now until May, if you have a bike that Gravel & Grind built, and you need it serviced, bring it to James at Analog and he’ll help ya out.  In May, Analog is pulling up it’s Frederick roots and moving to Vermont, the land of dirt roads.   Tracy is heading north as well, to live on the edge of a huge lake in a tiny house, growing peaches and grapes on her family farm.   Gravel & Grind was a long, strange and wonderful trip.  Thank you for coming along for the ride.

January 3rd thru the 28th, join us at the shop for a big closing sale.  Week 1: 10% off everything in the store.  Week 2:  20% off everything in the store.  Week 3:  30% off most items.  Week 4:  40% off most items.  Exceptions are mainly things that we paid a ton of money for, and make barely anything off of, like Rivendell Bags.  If you want something real bad, come buy it that first week!