On November 4th and 5th, we’re hosting a gargantuan garage sale to clear out some products to make room for new stuff.  The sale will happen in the shop and right outside, on our patio, as usual.  But there’s an added twist this time.  We’re going to slowly make a list of everything available, and post it right here, so if you live in Idaho, or Paris, or whatever, you can take advantage.  We probably won’t post pics, cause it’s a big pain, it’ll just a be a list.  At worst, the part will have light shop wear, like a little scratch or something.  Nothing you wouldn’t get just from installing the part or drinking out of the cup once.

Garage Sale

The Sale is 9-7 Saturday the 4th of November, and 9-4 Sunday.  The sale will END on the 5th at 4pm, and whatever internet deals were to be over then too.

We’re posting a list of stuff, like when you were perusing a bike magazine circa 1998 and there was those lists in the back section full of closeouts on various rad bits.  No pictures, just like those old lists.  We’ll have more stuff on sale than what we list here, but we’ll try to post plenty of high lights here.  If you are interested in buying a specific item, it is first come first serve, and the prices are already low, so no haggling, it just is what it is.  This stuff is really expensive to buy, so please be understanding of that when you are eyeballing the prices.  Prices do NOT include shipping.  Email us or call.  James (at) Gravelandgrind (dot) Com or 301-682-2651.  If we are not open, don’t leave a message, we never check them.

All Compass tires:  10% off list.  We have pretty much every darn size.

McClure Pass tires:  30% off list

Chinook Pass Tires:  30% off list

Rivendell Multi Sack Tan:  was 155, now 110.

Velo Orange Campeur Frameset was 520, now 350.

Carradice Keswick bar bag, green.  Was 145, now 100.

Snow Peak Snow Miner headlamps:  were 50, now 35.

Tan and Brown Gilles Berthoud Saddles, were 210, now 175.

Brooks Ages B17 Standard.  Was 145, now 100

Oveja Negra Super Wedgie Small black was 90, now 70.

Oveja Negra Super Wedgie Large black, was 100 now 75.

Rivendell Cheviot framesets, various sizes and colors.  email us.  Were 1300, now 110o with a 500 dollar purchase of build parts, 1000 with a complete build.

Rivendell Sam Hillborne framesets.  Orange, 55 and 58cm.  Were 1300 ea, now 1100 with a 500 dollar purchase of build parts, 1000 with a complete build.

Complete 55cm Silver Joe Appaloosa.  Was 2400, now 2000.  Demo’d a few times, dusty but in 97% perfect shape.

Simworks Bicycle Crums Water Bottles, Black, Green or Tan.  Buy 3, get one free.

All Bern Helmets 25% off.  We have a full stock of those FL-1 Helmets in black and white.

Complete Rivendell Tandem, Silver, Medium. ridden twice, full super nice custom build.  Call for pricing.


More soon…



We’ll be at Treaty General Store on Saturday, November 7, from 12 noon serving pour over cups of our signature roast Peruvian coffee, and scratch made hot chocolate .

Treaty General Store is a purveyor of carefully curated collection of high quality goods located at 218 N Market St in historic downtown Frederick.



Hey all, we wanna bring some custom Merino wool jerseys into your life. They’ll be made in Europe by Woolistic, who makes some of the nicest wool jerseys I have worn. Custom dyed fabric to match the shop colors. Unisex sizing, so size up or down depending on what kinda fit you want.  Here’s a fit chart.  I, James, wear a medium T shirt and would wear a Large Woolistic Jersey, especially in long sleeve, so I could layer. Here’s the rub: these jerseys cost an arm and a leg to have made.  The greenish blue band is a custom yarn color, and they have to dye it before they can make the jerseys. It takes 60ish days to get them knocked out. We need to presell 25 of them to be able to afford it. They are not cheap. Good wool is expensive. But! It will outlast any synthetic jersey if you care for it, it doesn’t smell, it keeps you warm when it’s wet and cool when it’s warm, and looks way better than 99.9 percent of all synthetic jerseys. 

Things are a bit tricky ordering wise. If we don’t reach the presale goal, we’ll refund everyone’s money and try again next year. We just don’t have buckets of cash around to fund this by ourselves. We’d like to keep this strictly a paypal thing for ease of refunding if things go south. If you preorder one, we’ll get your name and paypal address on a list, plus your size and sleeve preference. At the end of the 14 day presale, if we have not met the goal (or gotten really close to it) we’ll send you back your money!

The Short sleeves are 135 and the long sleeve guys are 145. 1/4 zip. Back pockets. Embroidered not printed. Really really nice.

Shoot us an email with your size and paypal address, and we’ll send you an invoice. james (at) gravelandgrind (dot) com

Gravel & Grind’s Classic Bike Show & Swap Meet

Sell | Show | Swap | Ride

Sunday, Sep 27th, 9am-3pm
124 S Carroll St


Bring a classic or classically inspired bike to show. Also/or bring some old parts or old bikes to sell. We have less than 10 spots available to sell stuff, but the space is cheap and generous. If you are selling a bike, not stuff, spaces are virtually limitless, so just show up with a bike.

Attendance is free, but if you want to sell a bike, show up with 5 bucks. If you want to get a space to sell goods, get in touch with us soon, and for 10 bucks you get a 8’x6’ space. No tables or anything, you are on your own there.

If you are displaying stuff, please be at the shop at 8. Group casual town ride at 4.30pm, after the swap.

The shop will be blowing out old frames, handlebars, weird tires, bar tape, and more. Also complete bikes. Great deals to be had. Road bikes from 47cm to 62cm.

Contact gravelandgrind@gmail.com to reserve a space.

Head to our Facebook events page to say your coming, or email us if you want a parts swap spot.

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”

― Edward Abbey

Dig on our very full events calendar, thru the end of October, here:   https://gravelandgrind.com/basketful-rad-stuff/

People often make the mistake of thinking we sell retro bikes and equipment.  They see waxed cotton and steel and leather and think:  Luddite, retro grouch.  Canvas and lugged steel and leather bits are the old guard, there are new, lighter weight materials out there to make things out of.  The thing is, these materials are often not used because they are better.  They are used because they are cheaper or more available.  Aluminum tubing didn’t take over from steel because it was lighter or stronger.  It’s cheaper by the foot, and can be welded by a robot. Robots are cheaper to pay than skilled welders. (On a side note, carbon production is so cheap that Trek is predicting it will be used on it’s lowest end mountain bikes inside of 5 years… that means carbon fiber is really really cheap)  Aluminum’s lightness was a happy marketing side note.  When aluminum became the material to have for a bike in the 1990s, there was talk of low weight and stiffness, no talk of dentability (aluminum is much weaker after denting, steel is virtually unaffected), repairability (it’s not, unless you have a heat treating oven), longevity, or failure mode.   When cordura became the defacto pannier material, it was not because it was better than waxed cotton, it was because it came in colors, was easy to source and relatively easy to sew.  It wasn’t as repairable, durable, waterproof or beautiful.  It was available, cheap, and easy.

Often the keys to current problems lie in the past.  Think straw-bale housing, composing toilets, rain water catchment, passive solar… I’m off on a slight tangent but the root concept is the same.  We buy lots of disposable plastic stuff: clothing (ever darned a fleece jacket?), bags, shoes.  Few people buy shoes that can be resoled, or if they can be resoled, few people do it.  Fewer people buy bike products based on how easily they can be repaired or how good the product will look in 5 or 20 years.  We try to only stock things that can be repaired, patched, reriveted.  Hand in hand with that concept is the question of how do things age and wear.

The nut of all this simple.  Canvas and leather don’t make good choices because they happen to be vintage looking materials, but rather because they are durable, repairable and age well.  50 year old canvas fly fishing bags look great, broken in, maybe slightly patched up.  They gain beauty thru usage.  Beausage, a Rivendell Bicycle Works term, makes a ton of sense.  Well oiled baseball gloves, broken in leather saddles, the wood trim on an old canoe, all gain increased beauty thru usage.  20 year old nylon panniers look faded, the plastic water proofing is peeling, they are ready to hit the trash can.  I’ve seen 190 dollar saddles with synthetic tops and foam look terrible with a year’s worth of riding and sweating in them.  Faux white leather stains to yellow.  Torn synthetic saddles, even the nicest ones out there, look no better than a W-mart saddle when torn.  Scuffed and crashed on leather saddles just look like they have a story to tell.  Scratch a leather saddle and there is just more leather underneath.  Going along with all of this is simplicity in design.  Check out the Frost River Panniers in the picture above.  They tie onto the rack, and use sticks as lid tensioners.  No proprietary hooks, no bungees to wear out, no bolts, no plastic.  The worst thats gunna happen to these is your knot could fail, but really, if you know a square knot, you’re set.  Simple systems are easier to repair in the field, and that means you spend less time in a bike shop and more time on your bike.  Solid materials mean that you worry less about failure, and when something fails, you can fix it easily and affordably.

I think we are at a point where durable, responsibly made stuff shouldn’t be considered retro.  It should be considered forward thinking, future conscious.  Repairability isn’t sexy, but it is smart.  It should be the 4th R in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  We’re not a luddite shop, we’re futurists.

There’s lots of good events coming up here at the shop, but one we’re really excited about is the Classic Bike Show and Swap at the end of September.  Here’s the gist:  Come check out a bunch of cool classic bikes on display, peruse cool swap stuff, check out our yard sale bikes and gear, and afterward, head out for an easy townie ride.  Attendance is free if you are not selling anything.


What: Classic Bike Show and Bike Swap
Where: Gravel & Grind
How Much? Attendance is free, but if you want to sell a bike, show up with 5 bucks. If you want to get a space to sell goods, get in touch with us soon, and for 10 bucks you get a 8’x6’ space. No tables or anything, you are on your own there.
When: Swap and Show 9-3 on Sept 27th. If you are displaying stuff, please be at the shop at 8. Group casual town ride at 4.30pm, after the swap.
Contact: gravelandgrind@gmail.com to reserve a space.
Other stuff: the shop will be blowing out old frames, handlebars, weird tires, bar tape, and more. Also complete bikes. Great deals to be had. Road bikes from 47cm to 62cm.

Bring a classic or classically inspired bike to show.  Also/or bring some old parts or old bikes to sell.  We have less than 10 spots available to sell stuff, but the space is cheap and generous: 10’ wide by 6’ deep for 10 bucks.  If you are selling a bike, not stuff, spaces are virtually limitless, so just show up with a bike.

We’re not really gunna list what’s available at the swap until it happens, but know there’s plenty of cool stuff, lots of it brand new.  We have a big  ole bin of yardsale stuff, everything from wheel sets to tires to handlebars to books.

Head to our Facebook events page to say your coming, or email us if you want a parts swap spot.  https://www.facebook.com/events/519002968261967/


Some pics from last weekends ride in movie night.  We rode to a secret woodsy hang spot, and watched a good movie with gobs of popcorn, candy that gets stuck in your teeth and those terrible barrel hug drinks from when you were a kid anything that made your teeth hurt was good.

Our new Rivendell Bicycle Works Sam Hillborne Demo Bike.  It’s big, a large 58, with bars up high like a 60 would have.  We built it with a typical Gravel & Grind build kit: strong Mavic rims, Sugino cranks, Nitto stem and bars, wide range gearing.  It can clear 38mm tires and fenders no problem.  Riv bills it as a country bike, meaning dirt roads, trails, normal roads, light tours.  For those who are curious, the double top tube is about frame stiffness.  Come test this guy out.  We usually have an Atlantis here to check out too, in a 56.

Here’s a quick look at our events calendar from now thru the end of October. Mark the heck outta your calendar!

Note!  For all Gravel & Grind rides, assume you are gunna get muddy, dirty, wet and possibly covered in dust.  Always bring a helmet, lights (really good bright ones for long rides) and food if you get hungry during a ride.  Rides are not operating on any normal schedule, i.e. we don’t promise to be back by any given hour, ergo don’t schedule anything else for that evening, cause you might get home at 11.  Most shop rides start on a Sunday when the shop closes at 4.  Exception here mainly is the customer camping trip and the demolition derby ride.

Sept 13th Townie Ride Theme TBD

Sept 20th Ride to Orchid Cellar Winery, Drink some good wines and mead and get a shuttle home.  Tickets $25 bucks ea.  Capped at 10 people.  Email for Tickets!  info@gravelandgrind.com

Sept 22nd: Ride to the Frederick Fairgrounds for demolition derby, funnel cake, deep fried whatever and a smashing good time.  If you want to go do this, come in soon and give us 25 bucks so we can buy a block of tickets.  Never been to a derby?  Like watching cars smash into each other for no go reason?  You should come out!  Meet at the shop at 5!

Sept 27th Classic Bike Show and Swap at Gravel & Grind followed by a group townie ride.  This is gunna be fun.  We hope to make this an annual thing.  Rules of engagement posted on Facebook soon, but mark your calendar… we’re gunna be blowing out tons of stuff yardsale style that doesn’t really fit in with our evolving bike shop concept.  Bring a cool vintage or classic or classically inspired bike to show.  Limited vendor space to sell old bikes or cool gear, but we have about 10 table spaces worth, at $10 ea.  Contact us if you are interested…

Oct 3rd Customer Camping Trip.  Destination currently unknown, but it will be fun, probably kinda hard, but short mileage wise.  Limited spots.  Some sorta cost, but it will be reasonable.  Like $25-$35 with no rental stuff, and $100 with rental bike and full camping kit.  Interested even if no firm plans are made yet?  We only have 10 total spots, and only 6 rental bikes, and 4 spots in a tent…  so let us know asap…. even before we get details out.

Oct 4th No Shop Ride

Oct 11th, Bikes Books and Beers Town Ride.  Meet at the shop at 4, ride around town, stop at a few places for adult beverages then head back to the shop for a book swap and BYOB hangs.  Books should be vaguely nature/adventure/cycling themed.  Bring at least one book to swap!

Oct 18th Dirt Road Ride, Sub 60 miles.  Meet at the shop at 4.

Oct 25th Town Ride, Coffee Outside theme.  Meet at the shop at 4.

Oct 30th: (note the date change!!)Big Gravel & Grind Party, Alley Cat Scavenger hunt bike race.  Also probably a haunted house in our building, good music by DJ Two Teks, and more…  Cost TBD, details coming in early Oct… Mark it!

Last thing, and we’ll have more about this later but… We are happy beyond words to announce that we’re now a Rivendell Bicycle Works dealer.  One of 9 in the country.  We’ll be selling select Riv items, including some frames, grips, bags, books, and more.  Rivendell has profoundly influenced our thoughts on bikes, riding, camping and life in general.  We could not be more proud, excited, and happy to be a dealer.  Stay tuned on this, details are still developing, but it’s official and stuff will be rolling in next week.  Check out Rivbike.com for more info about the brand.

Benefit for Catoctin Charities and The League for People With Disabilities

Live Music | Food & Drink | Raffles

Saturday, July 25 at 7:00pm
124 S Carroll St

Flash party here at Gravel & Grind! We’re raising money for a good cause, and all proceeds go to helping to send disabled kids to summer camp so they can go get rad in the woods! We have some super fly local musicians (Ryan from Heavy Lights and Josh Gray!) lined up to do solo sets, we’ll be showing a mountain stage of the Tour de France on the big screen (aka the wall), we’ll have raffles and a silent auction with things you’ll actually wanna bid on. Like a Brooklyn Bicycle, coffee flight tastings, and way more. Light fare, drink, things of that nature. Suggested donation of $15. It’s a fundraiser, so you know, more is cool too.

Check our Facebook events page for updates on all of the cool stuff we’re auctioning off. We have a load of cool stuff, and we’ll be teasing it all week long.


fred&co-popupLocal apparel company Fred & Co. will be at the shop on May 2nd and 3rd at 11am-8pm to showcase their Spring and Summer 2015 collection. Fred & Co. is always on point with their clothing line, and this year they’ve upped the ante with new designs like a US made work shirt that’s stylish enough for a night out and beefy enough for riding/camping/wildin’. Come out! It’ll be good.

area31 poster

Gravel & Grind is hosting a two day pop-up event at Area 31 in downtown Frederick. Area 31 is a gallery and video production facility located across Patrick Street from Silk and Burlap. It’s down a short alley, but you can see it from the road. Friday the 23rd from 9-9 we’ll be serving FREE COFFEE and hot chocolate. We’ll have our newest bike creations and lots of rad accessories. At 6:30 pm stop in for happy hour to be followed at 7.30 by Matt DeLorme’s globe trotting stories and photography. Preview some of Matt’s work at mdelorme.com

On Saturday the 24th, come see us for more coffee, a full pop-up shop including bikes we’ve been working on, good records on the turntable, and a continuous slide show of Matt’s work. He won’t be presenting Saturday, but his work will still be on display. You’ll also be able to sign up for a local coffee delivery program through Gravel & Grind, using ChocoSombra’s custom-for-us light roast and a new dark roast as well.  

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