Crust Evasion Frame and Fork

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READ THIS IF YOU WANT AN EVASION FRAME!  News Flash as of 10/8.  We have a full size run of Evasion frames in both colors.  We have a few Chrome LD stems in 90mm, and a few black 40mm LD stems too.  Contact us about a build kit or partial build if you want to get one of these frames.   The frames we have in stock all have the new (old then new again) sexy biplane fork crown.  It looks good!  It’s what’s pictured in the sunset kiss build pics.  We’re happy to sell ya one of these, but due to really limited quantities, we’re only selling them as partials or completes, no frames only.  

A jack-of-all-trades frame: durable, stiff, ready for the worst roads and technical trails. Designed with dirt touring and bike packing in mind. Optimized for Dirt Drops, but you can rock a Trekking bar with a bit of care, no sweat.  1x drivetrains work best on this, or use a Rohloff and get totally buck wild.  650b x 2.4s tires are no problem, and you can clear (with some hamburglary) a 26×3.0 tire with a 1×11 drivetrain.  Most 650b x 2.8’s actually measure 2.6 on a 35mm rim, so those can be crammed in too.

The Evasion is good at a whole slew of riding conditions.

Singletrack, if you ratchet thru the rock gardens.  Even steep, technical stuff.  I’ve ridden ladders, big boulder slabs, off camber granite spines, and bridges with it, with drop bars.  It’s perfect.  Nimble.

Double Track and Fire Roads.  Nothing better, if you want disc brakes and drop bars.

Dirt roads.  The Evasion slays dirt roads, climbing, cruising and descending.  Jam the rocker drop outs all the way back for more stability.

Loaded touring.  It’s a stiff frame!

Being comfortable.  It’s easy to get drop bars or trekking bars up high with a Crust stem, and the geometry is optimized for drop bars, so that works really well.  We like dirt drop style bars…

It’s fine on the road.  I ride it with guys on sport touring bikes, and keep up fine, and I’m not fast, and ride 3″ knobbies tires on 26″ rims.

Everyone at the shop, including Scott who also just got a Jones space frame, considers it the most fun bike they’ve ever ridden.  Everyone at the shop who rides beyond simple commuting, owns one now.  They could ride a Soma or a VO or a Surly or a Riv, and they own Evasions instead.

It’s not the best if all you do is ride hard core east coast rock gardens.  If it’s just rocky like a rocky fire road, its great.  Cantaloupe sized rocks in a continuous rock garden though, and it gets bogged down because of its low (good for stability) bottom bracket.  You just wack pedals too much.

More on the Evasion frame–from the folks at Crust Bikes:

It’s got rack mounts and water bottle bosses just were you would expect them and a nice long head tube, to get you in a comfy spot, for long days in the saddle, without a Fugly tower of spacers.

The dropouts are Paragon rip offs, so you will be able to run thru axel rear, skewer, geared, single speed or a Rolloff.

( Note: Dropouts are NOT Paragon made, they are Taiwanese copies, designed to accept Paragon inserts. If you buy replacement Paragon inserts and they don’t for some reason fit, please contact us and not Paragon to resolve the issue. We have not had any issues, I just want to make it perfectly clear that if an insert did not fit, it should not reflect negatively on Paragon, because Paragon did not design or manufacture the frame components.)

The front fork is a 15mm thru axel.

The post is 27.2. Head tube is 1 1/8″ and the bottom bracket is a 73mm English threaded.

135mm rear hub, normal stuff there. If going 26×3 with the tires, call us, and we’ll tell ya how to make a full spread of gears work.

Notes about the Evasion frame geometry

View geometry chart: Inches | Metric


All sizes have sloping top tubes of different angles and a relatively large head tube extension to create more standover clearance and achieve a more comfortable bar height.

The “Imaginary” seat tube length is measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the intersection of an imaginary level top tube. This is sort of the same idea as “Effective” top tube lengths.

Bottom bracket height, standover clearance, and trail are all calculated with a 356mm (14″) radius tire.

This frame was designed around 26+ tires, you should also find plenty of clearance for 650b x 2.5″ tires.

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