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L.D. stems are the ticket to raising your drop bars. Technically they’re for 1 1/8” steerer tubes, but you can run an adaptor and–as long as everything is threadless–you can put ‘em on a 1″ steerer. They’re also technically for 31.8 diameter handlebars, but we sell adaptors that let you run a 26mm bar or a 25.4 bar, like the Nitto OG Dirt Drop bar we friggin’ love. Requires about 32mm of steer tube for proper clamping. Made outta steel. Super stiff. These sell out fast.

Comes in 3 finishes, all 90mm: Polished Chrome, Black, and Clear Coat (Eventually rusts a bit, but looks rad when it does).
Part of the proceeds from this stem go to L.D. Stem inventor Charlie Cunningham’s medical fund. Many of Charlie’s inventions were way ahead of their time, and you can learn more about them here.

What you gain using an L.D. Stem

You need a Crust L.D. Stem if you ride drop bars, don’t race, and your bike has a threadless steerer tube.

Chances are your handlebars are too low. If you ride drop bars, and the tops of the bars are not level with or even fairly significantly higher than the TOP of your saddle, then you have pressure on your hands. Hand pressure places weight on your arms, creates tension in your shoulders, and probably causes you neck pain. Also, when your handlebars are too low, your hips rotate forward, placing pressure on your crotch—making you vulnerable to numbness that causes your feet to go to sleep.

Higher bars mean less or no pressure on your hands, the ability to use a wider handlebar for more control without enduring shoulder pain, and freedom from sleepy feet. It also means you can use a wider, no gimmicks, hard, supportive saddle.

What you lose using an L.D. Stem

Virtually nothing–unless you race. Here’s the deal: if you have drop bars, and you put on a Dirt Drop or L.D. Stem, even if the tops of the bars are 2” above the saddle top, the drops are still below the saddle height. So you can actually use your drops, get fast, and descend quickly. You can be in the drops for technical trails.

You might be marginally slower when your hands are on the tops of the bars. Marginally. Who cares? If you can ride in comfort for 40 miles because your bars are high and your crotch isn’t asleep, that’s way more rad than riding slightly faster for 15 miles and ending the ride in pain.

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black, chrome, clear coat

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