Basic Cork Grips



Classic style grip for cruisers or mountain bikes. Made of cork. Super simple and super affordable. We recommend a coat of shellac to add strength and longevity to your grips.

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Product Description

Classic cork grip for town bikes or mountain bikes that don’t see too many crashes. They make it feel like you are riding around holding a fly rod.  We like to pair these with Nitto Albatross bars or Bosco bars.  Real cork, just mulched up and glued back together like a cork board.  We like to shellac these before putting them on with 2 layers of clear or amber shellac.  You can leave em raw, but they turn grey, so just be ok with that.  Install them by spraying a healthy dose of 3M super 77 into the grip, sliding it on and wiping off any excess goo with a rag.

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