Gravel & Grind Water Bottle: Moss Green



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Gravel & Grind finally got off it’s sit bones and had a water bottle made.  Friend Greg Davis designed the illustration, and we dig it a bunch.  The bottles are made by Specialized, and have a soft top that’s easy on the teeth, and has good water flow.   If you just put water in these, and occasionally a drop of soap for a quick rinse, they’ll last a long time.  Not much in the way of taste.  They claim no taste, I say minimal taste.  The green looks good on red and brown and yellow and silver and black bikes, amongst others.

NOTE: just so there is no confusion, this page is for the green bottle, on the right in the pics.

Smallish, so you can stash em under your downtube and they won’t wack the fender.

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