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Our new Melty Camp Scene squeezy Specialized Purist water bottles are BPA free, leak proof, and are engineered to taste good for a long time (just don’t scrub ’em!). We have them in two colors: “manzanita” which is code for dark maroon, and “moss green” which isn’t code for anything, but it might be secretly an acronym, there’s no telling. The melty camp scene design was done by the lovely Greg Davis, who is a great illustrator and happens to ride a Crust Evasion we built for him.  He has some other fantastic illustrations he did for us, you’ll see ’em soon.

I (James) have used a bunch of water bottles over the years, and these are by far the best.  The next closest isn’t even close (Tacx) and then it drops off fast from there.  Hydroflask makes the best heavy duty insulated bottles, but these are the best light squeezy ones.



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