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Join the secret hobo mug society. Hand dipped real deal made in Poland mugs. These are moving at an alarming rate.  Maps of the Watershed (Right and Left Fork road, one on the black mug the other on the white mug), a motto for life, secret inside graphics, and they also happen to be great at holding really hot coffee on really cold mornings when your tent is covered in frost and the leaves are falling like confetti.  You’ll see lots of rip offs of these mugs out there.  The dipped handle thing, the dipped rim.  I see them for 8 bucks, 12 bucks, crazy low prices.  These are almost certainly made somewhere dubious, because the ones made in the EU cost way more than that, at wholesale.  

Note on all handmade things:  Handmade things involve peoples hands, and show it.  The dipping looks done by hand, and that’s a good thing, but it means each one looks different, and none of them are perfect.  The mark of someone’s hand is something to be excited about, not bummed about.  
Same goes with stitching, painting, bar tape jobs, whatever.  Having it done by a person is important.  Robots are rarely much fun to hang out with around a campfire.

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