IRD 12-40 9-Speed Cassette

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IRD has a soft spot in our hearts because they make smart things that are in low to microscopic demand.  This cassette is an example of that.  It’s a super wide range 9 speed cassette, with a 12 tooth high gear and a 40 tooth low gear, and 7 other ones in between.  The steps between them are fine.  If you are running this wide-a-range, don’t sweat the exact gear steps, cause the steps are all big, but it still shifts great.  We use these to do Turkey Vulture gearing set ups, or to take old road bikes and make the gearing way easier.  Also nice for 1×9 town bike set ups.  Spendy, and Sunrace makes a much cheaper one, but it doesn’t shift as well.  Pair with a long cage 9 speed XT or Deore rear derailleur and a Wolftooth roadlink, and a max chainring tooth count difference of 20t.  All that, and you’ll need a few extra chain links to make your chain long enough, if you are running anything bigger than a 40t up front.

Out of stock

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