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Nitto makes the best, strongest, cold forged quill stems out there. Made in Tokyo. These don’t break. You can trust them with your life. We sell two lengths: 80 and 100mm. Pro tip: if in doubt, go shorter. Bury the minimum insertion line by at least a centimeter. 1″ quill, 25.4mm clamp. Silver finish only.

What you gain from a Nitto Dirt Drop Stem

You need a Nitto Dirt Drop stem if you ride off-roadish (read: wide) drop bars and your bike has a threaded steerer tube. If the tops of the bars are not level with–or even fairly significantly higher than–the TOP of your saddle, then you have pressure on your hands. Hand pressure means you also have weight on your arms, tension in your shoulders, and probably pain in your neck. Also, your hips rotate forward, placing pressure on your crotch and making you vulnerable to numbness that causes your feet to go to sleep. Higher handlebar placement means less or no pressure on your hands, the ability to use a wider handlebar for more control (without shoulder pain!), and allows you to get that wide, hard, supportive saddle you’ve been eyeballing.

Using higher bars off-road means it’s easier to get the front wheel up and over obstacles. No longer will you need to crane your neck while flying down a fire road. 

What you lose using a Nitto Dirt Drop Stem

Nothing! If you have dirt drop bars and you use a Dirt Drop or L.D. stem–even if you put the tops of the bars 2” above the saddle top–the drops are still below the saddle height. So, you can use your drops, get fast, and descend with the quickness. You can be in the drops for technical trails. You can still go fast.

There’s a chance you’ll be slightly slower when your hands are on the tops of the bars, but who cares? If you can comfortably ride 40 miles without the ol’ sleep crotch becoming a problem, that’s way more satisfying than being a bit faster for a 15 mile stretch and ending the ride in agony, eh?

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