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Rivendell’s Large Sackville Saddlesack is absolutely massive. It has a wide opening top to allow easy access to groceries or gear. Big enough to require some rack support, but it hold literally everything. Lots of handy pockets that are accessible even while riding to cary your map, phone, camera, or fig newton stash. A saddle bag for over packers (you know who you are), uber commuters, grocery getters, or record collectors.  Enough room for a stack of 30 of your favorite Neil Young albums with room left over for 6 ears of corn, 10 avocados and 3 limes.  More or less.  It depends on how big your limes are.  The top zippered pocket is removable, if you want to stash your heap of unmarked $20 dollar bills in there, it’s a fine place to do so.

Details, facts, figures, items of note:

Made in Connecticut out of leather, waxed canvas, brass and some sort of reflective fabric that actually works.  It’s waterproof but not monsoon proof.  If you are going to put a down sleeping bag in it, put that in a waterproof stuff sack if you are going to ride through a hurricane.  Goop up the leather maybe once a year and rewax with a tin of Martinex wax or Otterwax or Filson wax when the waterproofing fades.  Maybe 5-10 years or so down the line.

This big fella needs a rear rack, we stock a few, but call us, and we’ll help you get the right one.  It depends on your bike, saddle height, tire clearance and maybe more.


Approximately 17.25” wide, 8.5” tall and 13” deep.


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Grey, Tan, Blue, Olive, Brown

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