Vargo Wood Stove



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Product Description

Packing just the right amount of fuel for a camping trip is hard.  I almost always over pack, and then come home with a ton of extra fuel.  Conversely if you go to short on the fuel, you’re maybe not going to make that morning cup of coffee out in the woods, or do that emergency water boil up because you forgot your filter at home.  The Vargo Wood Stove is a small, folding stove that solves the ‘is that enough fuel’ problem.   Anywhere you camp on the east coast, there are plenty of sticks around and dry grasses to stoke the fire on this guy.  It’s big enough and stable enough for a 1.5 liter pot, but we like it combined with Snow Peak’s 600ml mug pot.  It boils water fast enough, but not as fast as a jet boil.  It does make the bottom of your pot sooty, but it’s basically baked on soot and doesn’t readily come off your pot unless you scrub it, so it’s not gunna get everything gross and dirty.  It’s Ti, so it’s light weight, folds more or less flat, and has a small nylon case that you can store it in.  Pretty clever.