Wald Basket: No Hardware, Size Small

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Wald has been making baskets in Kentucky since 1924 or so.  They made other bike stuff before that, and considering they are have never gone under or been bought out, might well be the oldest legit bike parts maker in the country.  That’s worth something right there.  Wald baskets are the best baskets made.  No one makes a lighter, stronger basket.  Rattan and Wicker might look nicer, but they can’t hold real weight, and they’re heavier and don’t last as long.  Wicker is for beach cruisers and towels, not groceries or camping gear or loads of apples.  We sell two sizes and 4 models.  This one comes without hardware, so you can mount them to a Nitto front rack with some zip ties.  That’s the best way to go, if you can swing a Nitto rack as well.  It lowers the load, so the bike handles better, and a Nitto rack, properly set up, is stiff, so that helps stabilize the situation as well.  You can also get them with the old school ‘mount it to the axle and handlebars’ hardware, which we like for basic town bikes.  We’ll have those up soon, or just call us.   The bigger basket is here.

Get a bag to go in the basket or a net, so your stuff doesn’t just jump around like an open bag of crickets.

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