Rentals | Gear

Camping gear is expensive. Rent some before you spend a bunch of money. Or never buy it, and save the time and effort of maintaining it. Our camping gear can be used for bike camping, touring, car camping, back packing, or backyard camping. We don’t rent backpacks, just panniers, which are bike specific bags, but we rent all the other stuff you need. Just bring the clothes and food.

Check out some great places to go camping within easy riding or driving distance of Frederick.

Our camping gear list includes:

  • A good two person Nemo Tent
  • Mountain Smith 20 degree mummy bag
  • Nemo Foot inflation’ super comfortable air mattress
  • Headlamp
  • Cook kit with mug, pot, silverware, sharp knife, stove, fuel, lighter
  • Waterproof Panniers
  • A front basket and net


If you want a pillow, bring it, but rolled up clothes work ok too.

Camping Gear is $40 a night. Please call in advance to reserve it! We have 4 sets.