Rentals | Touring

Gravel & Grind’s Touring bikes are wide tire (32mm) touring road bikes from New Albion. They are equipped with drop handlebars and Brooks saddles. They feature friction bar con shifters, strong brakes, wide range gearing, fenders, front racks for a wald basket and rear racks for panniers. They all come with two water bottle cages, repair supplies (tube, pump, tire levers, etc) and flat pedals. We can install personal saddles and pedals upon request. Bikes are suitable for overnight to weeklong tours.

Check out some great places for a quick camping trip within riding distance of Frederick.

We’ll help ya get fitted if you don’t how road bike fitting works, but if you have your saddle height, and call ahead, that makes the check out process faster.

The shop has touring bikes in sizes ranging from 48cm to 60cm to fit almost any rider.

Pair a touring bike with our rental camping kit for a fun weekend on the canal or a ride to a local state park.

Touring bikes are $30 per day or $15 for 6 hours.
Renting anything from us requires a Credit Card and Drivers License.

All bike rental fees are applicable to new or reimagined bike purchases. In other words, if you rent a touring bike and then decide you want a touring bike, we’ll take the rental fee off the cost of the bike purchase.