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Frederick is a fantastic place to ride a bike. The city itself has a bike path through gorgeous Baker Park, the historic neighborhoods surrounding downtown are low traffic, and there are plenty of places to snag a sandwich, go for a ride, and plunk down in a nice park for a picnic.

Our Brooklyn Bicycle Co rental bikes are the perfect vehicle to explore the town. They are upright, easy as pie to use, have enough gears to get ya where your going, but not too many. The handlebars are swept back, making it easy to check out the sites. Wide saddles and chain guards and fenders make them even more comfortable, user friendly and stress free. We can fit them with a basket and a lock, if you want to go shopping or stop in to eat somewhere.

Rent a bike rack for your vehicle. Go explore outside of Frederick. The C&O Canal is a great alternative cycling destination, or the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

Town bike rentals are $25 a day or $15 for a half day.
Renting requires a Credit Card and Drivers License.

All bike rental fees are applicable to new or reimagined bike purchases. In other words, if you rent a touring bike and then decide you want a touring bike, the rental fee comes off the cost of the bike purchase.