Crust Evasion Demo – Medium

Fast, fast, fast, and capable.

It’s the best bike we’ve ever ridden off road. Absolutely insane. Likes a nice camping load. Spec’d with some great drivetrain bits. Set up 1×11.

This bike basically lives on dirt roads, fire roads, and single track. With a load. So we’re gearing it DOWN. 28t cog up front means gobs of clearance on logs–doubly important when your bike is heavy and the front end has 10 lbs of whatever strapped to it. The back end is an 11-46 spread, which means it’s probably got the lowest gearing of any bike you’ve never ridden. But trust us, off road, that super low gearing means you’ll ride comfortably where others are breathing like they’ve just summited Kangchenjunga.

26+ is the best wheel size for mountain bikers betwixt 5′ 6″ and 6′ 2″. Fast, low pressure, gobs of traction, strong, good handling, no BS. Run this feller at 17psi and you can rip it like it’s 1995–except without back Pain, Spandex, and Oakleys.

Other Elements of Radness

  • Paul Klamper Brakes with a Paul QR
  • XT Shimano Icetech Rotor
  • White Industries CLD hub
  • Crust LD stem
  • Gorgeous Cane Creek 110 headsets. US made, perfect bearings, nice finish
  • Ti King Cages
  • 26+ WTB Scraper rims and WTB Ranger 3″ tires.
  • Gilles Berthoud saddle
  • Ceramic bottom bracket
  • We’re bringing back 90’s anodizing like we’re bringing back suspenders in public, wearing OG tevas with socks, and Black Sabbath mixtapes

Hit us up if you wanna demo this majestic forest beast.